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Biography Charles Dickens

Biography – Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and He was a important English writer. In the childhood Dickens always read and liked it very much and when Dickens a child his father was jailed by divided. When He was 12 years old He worked in factory and his money helps his family. After when situation was better his mother left Dickens worked there. This event was important his critic social in the writers. When Charles was 20 years old wrote the first book and was a comedy critic. In the times He married with Catherine Hogarth who they have many children.
In 1838 He wrote Oliver Twister a famous social book critic who speaks about a boy who suffering with the English society that time. Dickens wrote many books about Christmas. His most famous was A Christmas Carol in 1843. David Copperfield (The most famous romance) was written in 1849. In ninetieth century the divorced was very controversial and when Charles Dickens divorced his wife was polemic.
An accident in 1865 influenced the writer in this time. He died in 1870 but his books are admire by the people today, especially because his critic were special for that time and during his life Dickens wrote the injustices that happened in the society but this theme is very actual because in all time, especially capitalist society exist injustices and his books are portrait this. Charles Dickens is very important not only for English literature but also for to think about the humanity.

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