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Biography Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is a great artist. Her pictures are very strong like her life. Frida has a art surrealist but her pictures shows about herself, especially her suffering.

Magdalena Carmen Frieda Caldéron was born in six of July in 1907. Her parents were called: Matilde e Guilherme Kahlo. When she was six years old, Frida had poliominite, this sick deformed her forever. That reason who she since younger wear longs exotic dresses to hide her legs.

Frida studied to Escuela Nacional Preparatoria, in 1922 and She was one of thirty –five girls to 2000 students in the total. Frida would like biology, especially medicine. In the time she had a socialist group. And they met to speak about revolution, music (as Jazz) and games.
In 17 of September in 1925, Frida suffering a terrible accident that event had influence in her pictures. In the hospital she began paint very much but also its fact had terrible consequences like she was serious wounded in the spine and the pelvis and never could had children.

In 1928 Frida Kahlo had friends (many revolutionary friends) like Tina Modotti and through her Frida knew the painter Diego Rivera who she married with 1929 (he was twenty years older than her). They went to United States in 1930 because Diego got a job in New York. In this time, Frida was pregnancy, but she lost the baby. She paints about this in many pictures and draws like the picture the Hospital Henry Ford (1932).

They both went back to Mexico in 1933. This time she was disappointed with him because he had a romance with Cristina (Frida’s sister). Diego was her won, but she had many cases with men and women; after this she left him and they divorced in 1939. This phase she worked very much.

In 1940 Frida had a infection in her right hand and She went to San Francisco to treatment. There Frida met Diego and they married again. In the same year Kahlo had fame like painter and She conquest the artistic public. Ten year after, Frida lost fingers and three years after, She lost her right leg because manys pains. She stayed with depression and She died in 1954 for pneumonia.

She wrote in year who died who She would hope to die and to wants it and who She never would to return again.

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