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Film Review Rosso come il Cielo

Film review — Rosso come il Cielo

The film speaks about education and It`s a special movie not only for this but also the story shows another form to see the things.
Rosso come il Cielo is a truth life story that tells about a boy called: Mirco who loves cinema so much but him life changes when happens an accident with him and he lost the vision So He goes in special school to blinds. In the beginner He sufferings with the adaptation and him teacher takes care him.
In the continuous Mirco shows like a creative boy and creates stories using a song’s recorder. In the journey, he has many friends like his classmates, Francesca (the woman gatekeeper’s daughter) and factory hands of the city. During the film, the young blind’s boy has many obstacles in his adaptation against the traditional system that was the Italian blind’s school in this time. But there, his teacher believes who children could have other and new methods to express their selves to the world.
As an Ethic’s class, this is recommended to everybody, because it has sensibility and a beautiful real story.

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