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Book Review — the Stolen White Elephant

Mark Twain (1835 – 1910) is an important American writer. His stories have a typical humor and irony.
The Stolen White Elephant was written in 1879 and it is based on a real fact that happened a year before it: the body of a millionaire was stolen. The book is a critic comedy and laughs at the police force.
The Short story has three chapters: In the beginning the King of Siam gives a white elephant to the queen of England, but the animal is stolen in New York during the trip. So, the narrator (also the protagonist) searches the chief of police (Inspector Blunt). The protagonist makes a description of the animal and offers a reward for the White Elephant. Many detectives are looking for the animal. The newspapers publish theories about this. In the Police Office, Inspector Blunt and the protagonist receive many telegrams about the possible acts of the animal that is attacking the village and killing people, it disappears when it enters a fog forest.
In the last chapter, nobody knows about the Elephant for a long time. Soon the newspapers begin to satirize the police’s force. The narrator thinks of leaving on the mission, but chief Blunt has an idea. So, there is an agreement that the protagonist spends all his money and he is ruined because the chief of the police deceives him. The White Elephant is dead and the final is sarcastic: The police force has the money becomes famous and the narrator loses his job and he says ironically that admires the inspector.

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