terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

Film Moulin Rouge
This film shows the bohemian spirit of the first quarter of twentieth century, for this it uses characters like Henri Toulouse Lautrec to represent the bohemian spirit. The movie not only is great musical but also it has a beautiful love story.

Directed by Baz Luhrmann l, Moulin Rouge tells the story of a strange bohemian and romantic boy (Christian) who desires to be a writer, but to write, he wants to understand the love essence. So he knows the (search the bohemian village) Bohemians that desire him to write a play about beauty, freedom, truth and love and he goes to Moulin Rouge to talk with Satine (the main prostitute of the Moulin Rouge) to persuade Harold Ziddler. When he arrives there he knows and falls in love with Satine. But there is a duke (the Duke) who fells in love with her in the same night Satine knows Christian. They both (Satine and Christian) have a prohibit romance while the Duke invests in the play and invests in the Moulin Rouge too (he and Harold do an agreement to transform the brothel in a theater but like payment The Duke wants Satine). The story speaks about secret loves and uses many elements like dance (tango and the modern can-can) and modern songs like Elton John (your song), Nirvana (smell like then spirits) and Queen (the Show Must Go On).

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